morning agenda


Check in 8:00 - 9:00


oPENING, Territorial acknowledgement, intention setting 9:00 - 9:30

Facilitated by: Rup Sidhu

Opening Prayer: Syexwalia / Ann Whonnock

Syexwalia / Ann Whonnock  is an Elder & Knowledge Carrier from Squamish Nation & is also the First Nations Health Authority Knowledge Keeper with strong Indigenous worldviews, ancestral knowledge and traditional teachings, widely respected and acknowledged for her work and energy commitment to her community.


vote every Day 9:30 - 11:00


Vote Every Day Solution Lab

A new way of thinking about every purchase, meal, deposit, work day.

The purpose of a Solution Lab is to tackle some of our most complex problems. Challenges that are seemingly unsolvable and wide-scale require us to harness resources we are not currently aware of. However, using design-thinking methods, we can begin to create holistic solutions that last. In this interactive workshop we will identify the barriers that we experience in purchasing from B Corps and work towards eliminating these obstacles by answering the question, “Whether you work at a B Corp or you are B Corp curious, what prevents you or your clients from supporting B Corps in everyday purchases?


Breakout 11:15 - 12:45


1. Put your Money where your Values are 101

How to migrate your banking, mortgage, and investments to institutions that align with your values. Hear from B Corp financial institutions on what makes them special, and why you should put in the leg work to vote with ALL your finances.

Facilitated by: Matt Atkinson, Coast Capital Savings; Elyse Crowston, Rhiza Capital/Renewal Funds; Imran Jiwa, Active Impact Investments; Mike Thiessen, Genus Wealth Management 


2. Leveraging Liberation

An honest audit of privilege and how to acknowledge your own, and cataylize it to liberate others.

Facilitated by: Rup Sidhu; Roanne Weyermans 



Integrating mission and values with sales success. How to generate a sales strategy complementary to your business mission from business development, and closing deals, to ongoing account management.

Facilitated by: Denise Taschereau, Fairware; Viren Malik, Ethical Bean Coffee 


Afternoon Agenda


Lunch 12:45 - 1:30


Lightning talks 1:30 - 2:15

Theory of Change

Facilitated by: Daniel Rotman, Master Recycler

Circular Economy

Facilitated by: Jill Doucette, Project Zero 


Breakout 2:30 - 4:00


1. Green behind the Scenes

Business banking, investment, and partnership. How to seek aligned and supportive funding from start up to exit/sale.

Facilitated by: Anne Carraze, Danone Canada; Carla Heim, BDC; Rosanne Horner, BDC; Rob Phelps, Silver Chef Canada; Vivian McCormick, Spring


2. Activate the Vote

Leverage B Corp in your marketing strategy to grow the movement AND your business.

Facilitated by: Darian Kovacs, Jelly Digital Marketing ; Sasha Bricel, tentree


3. Wasteland

How to audit the leaks and waste in your business and life to make quantifiable gains in sustainability.

Facilitated by: Jill Doucette, Synergy Enterprises; Daniel Rotman, Master Recycler 


Closing Keynote 4:15 - 5:00


Carol Newell on Creating the future we all want to live in. Big thinking for BIG change.

Carol Newell, O.C.  Renewal Partners

Investor by circumstance, innovator by nature, Carol Newell’s life work has been to create programs and organizations that seed new thinking about our relationships with social, natural and financial resources.  In the early-90’s she dedicated an inheritance with a goal to build a culture that prioritizes the health and diversity of natural systems.  Her private family office, through Endswell Foundation and Renewal Partners seed capital fund, implemented a strategy to deliver mission-focused, cross-sector, blended-values capital to a region.  Later, Carol co-created Play BIG to help others boldly activate wealth.  Her most recent project, ReWeaving Wealth, is a nimble process tool designed to help people integrate and mobilize decisions, creative thinking and resource activation.  She has received numerous awards and is a Member of the Order of Canada.


Reception Party 5:30 - 8:00