Vancouver, British Colombia  (HQ: Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Vancouver, British Colombia

(HQ: Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Silver Chef

Provides flexible funding option to hospitality equipment markets

Silver Chef sells and rents restaurant equipment at affordable rates. They also have a funding option that enabled small businesses to procure the equipment they needed, without committing large amounts of capital up-front. This option, called Rent-Try-Buy®, is a simple 12 month agreement where the customer rents the equipment, and if they wish to purchase the asset there is a 75% rental rebate off the purchase price. 

Silver Chef listed on the ASX in 2005 & after many successful years of providing a flexible funding option to the hospitality market, opportunity presented to broaden the product to fund the greater commercial equipment market. In 2008 GoGetta was launched, a division of Silver Chef Limited, offering flexible funding to small business owners outside of hospitality, particularly focused on the transport & construction industries.