Vancouver, British Colombia  (HQ: Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Vancouver, British Colombia

(HQ: Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Silver Chef

Provides flexible funding option to hospitality equipment markets

Silver Chef sells and rents restaurant equipment at affordable rates. They also have a funding option that enabled small businesses to procure the equipment they needed, without committing large amounts of capital up-front. This option, called Rent-Try-Buy®, is a simple 12 month agreement where the customer rents the equipment, and if they wish to purchase the asset there is a 75% rental rebate off the purchase price. 

Silver Chef listed on the ASX in 2005 & after many successful years of providing a flexible funding option to the hospitality market, opportunity presented to broaden the product to fund the greater commercial equipment market. In 2008 GoGetta was launched, a division of Silver Chef Limited, offering flexible funding to small business owners outside of hospitality, particularly focused on the transport & construction industries.

Gibbons Whistler


The Whistler Village was created in 1979, and so was Gibbons Whistler. Since then they have grown… from Whistler’s first pub, to a leading hospitality innovator in the region.

Our core purpose is to make people happy. Every day we strive to create more seconds of happiness in the things that we do, for the people we meet, and for the incredible team we are honoured to be surrounded by here in Whistler. It’s important to us that we listen to our team and our community. As part of our community giveback program we sponsor local sports teams, artists, athletes and festivals and events. If they are thriving, then we will be too.