Marketing & Communications Services


ZG Communications Inc.

Marketing Agency

ZG Communications is a boutique marketing agency specializing in working with publishers, filmmakers, not for profits, and organizations looking to make positive change in the world.

Revenue Automation Inc.

Data Integration, Email and Marketing Automation

Revenue Automation is a digital marketing agency that specializes in B2C marketing automation. They want to reduce the paper used for mailing by using email to market effectively.


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WIAN Branding

Graphic design and Communications

WIAN Branding is a graphic design studio that works with clients to deliver their brand messages to their audiences. Their mission is to deliver its clients' messages/stories in the best creative and sustainably possible way.

Conscious Public Relations Inc.

Public Relations

Conscious Public Relations Inc.’s mission is to change what people see in the media and online by communicating clear, intentional messages and stories on behalf of socially and environmentally responsible companies. They embody Positive Relations in all aspects of their work and lives.

Conscious PR is committed to using Public Relations tools ethically. They critically select the clients they work with, favoring as much as possible projects that have a social impact or encourage the protection of the environment and conservation efforts. As a virtual company, they aim to create maximum work output with as minimal environmental impact as possible.


Seeds Consulting

Strategy, marketing and communications consulting

Seeds Consulting's mission is to plant ideas for positive change. They do this by advising purpose-driven leaders how to grow their business consciously.

Seeds Consulting's core clients are entrepreneurial organizations ready to launch toward a new phase of growth. Seeds Consulting likes to start with strategy – the map that sets the path toward achieving audacious goals. They then outline how to get there with a detailed marketing plan and engagement strategy. They also look at how a brand’s biggest fans – advocates and ambassadors – can help to amplify marketing tactics and build word-of-mouth recognition.

Seeds Consulting works with clients in the following areas: Planning for Conscious Growth, Marketing to Connect Positively, Communicating to Engage Authentically, Building Tribes of Brand Advocates

Yulu Public Relations Inc.

PR, Impact Relations, Social Impact Public Relations

Yulu Public Relations is an award-winning PR and impact relations agency founded on the principle of sharing stories that matter. Its mission is to use PR as a force for good. Whether it's servicing technology, lifestyle, consumer goods or social enterprise clients, the firm's mandate is to champion socially innovative organizations that see beyond the bottom line and think beyond the status quo. The agency's clients are socially innovative, redefining entire industries with the fundamental idea that environmental and social responsibility aren’t just buzzwords, but the cornerstones of a truly holistic kind of success. A revolution is happening at the junction of creativity, commerce and social consciousness. Yulu isn’t watching it happen from the sidelines — together with its client partners, they're leading it.

Through the power of impact storytelling and media, Yulu believes a positive shift in the way businesses operate is possible. Shining a spotlight on social innovation can empower, educate, and inspire businesses globally to achieve maximum impact and positive change. An evolution of PR, Impact Relations is founded on transparency. No spin. No fluff. Just authentic strategy, messaging and communication.



Digital marketing

A digital marketing agency on a mission, soulpepper delivers outstanding e-commerce results, often in record time. soulpepper helps companies who are up to something good increase leads, attract more customers and drive more dollars to their triple bottom line. Giving social impact entrepreneurs an unfair advantage when going up against old school business.

soulpepper envisions a world where businesses that put people, planet and profit on equal footing are the norm, not the exception. Where companies are expected to conserve wildlife, source local, employ the underprivileged, practice sustainability and operate ethically. And where making money while positively affecting communities in which they reside is not an ideal, but the way businesses are structured and rewarded.

Flipside Creative


Flipside Creative is a marketing and design studio that does great work for good people. What that means is that the Flipside team – a Motley Crew of rare talent, massive creativity, and passionate personas – works only with organizations who use their products or services to make the world better. They bring their creativity to several sectors: health & wellness, environmental, outdoor & adventure, clean living, biotechnology, and more.

Flipside purposely has no niche. What they offer consistently is big time strategic ideation with an undercurrent of kindness. They solve marketing challenges with both the boilerplate stuff (as needed) – logos, stationery, websites, newsletters – and some wild and woolly, get-noticed stuff too (when relevant) – guerilla campaigns, packaging, product creation, and event concepts.


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Fairware Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Fairware Promotional Products is a Vancouver based promotions agency that specializes in custom branded sustainable products. They specialize in ethically sourced and environmentally responsible promotional products, each supplier is assessed based on the Fairware Supplier Code of Conduct and they do their homework on the environmental and social attributes of their client’s custom imprinted products.

Fairware’s clients are evenly split between the US and Canada and they work with a range of corporate, educational and non-profit clients. Fairware helps sustainability teams and their marketing and HR colleagues to ensure their promotional products, client gifts and incentives align with their values and sustainability campaigns.

Relish New Brand Experience Inc.

Strategic, creative and interactive services

Relish is an employee-owned agency based in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, Canada that provides its clients strategic, creative and immersive experiences on virtually any surface.

They were founded as one-person studio in 1998 on principles of creativity, innovation and impact. Two decades later, they have evolved into a firm of 22 thinkers, creatives, makers, developers, educators and entrepreneurs. They strive to empower people and organizations to solve complex challenges and create positive change through strategic practices, design, marketing, technology and innovation.