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Mills Office Productivity

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Mills Office Productivity has taken care of British Columbia’s office supplies needs since 1949, and today, it continues to be a visionary family business thriving as one of the largest locally owned office supply providers in BC.

Mills' social responsibility management practices are based on the principle that businesses have an important role to play in addressing social interests and sustainable development goals of their community.   Mills, located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, embraces its community leadership and gives back by actively engaging with social enterprises (HAVE Café ), unique hiring practices (Fast Track to Employment), and through sponsorships and donations to initiatives, foundations, and charities that aim to instill real and permanent improvements to the lives of disadvantaged community residents.

Environmental Leadership is also a priority and a long-standing tradition at Mills. Mills is Vancouver’s first office supply business to be carbon neutral and as of 2014 is Climate Smart Certified.  It’s also the first business partner of cycle-based distribution initiative Shift Urban Cargo, first business in Canada to own the eStar-EV 100% electric delivery truck, and a leader in bringing innovative green products to market.