Sustainability Consulting


5T Sports

Triple Bottom Line Partnership Development, Fan/Consumer Engagement Campaigns

5T drives triple bottom line impact in the sports industry. They help professional teams, leagues and major events operate more efficiently, catalyze social impact in their communities. They guide consumer brands to better leverage their sports partnerships for social impact. They support cities to derive lasting impact from hosting major events.

West Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver, BC

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Do It Green (DIG)

Environmental consulting and sustainable event planning

Do It Green (DIG) is a clean tech and environmental services business that caters to special events. Whether it's a music festival, sporting event, conference or pancake breakfast, when you attend an event in Alberta, DIG wants to wow you through innovative environmental programs that include zero-waste management, mobile water, and emissions-free power solutions. Since its inception in 2013, DIG has diverted more than 50 tons of waste from the landfill and expanded throughout Alberta.


Synergy Enterprises

Environmental Consulting

Synergy works with businesses that want to be leaders in sustainability, helping them measure their carbon footprint, discover and implement environmental actions that will also save costs, and communicate the results.


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GreenStep Solutions Inc.

Green Tourism Canada, ecobase Certified, Sustainability Consulting

The average small and mid-sized business in North America wastes $10,000 to $25,000 each year on operational inefficiencies! GreenStep Solutions is here to help businesses put that money back in their pockets, while reducing their environmental impacts at the same time. GreenStep works with businesses that want to save money on energy, waste and water; who are worried about rising energy and resource costs; who are concerned about being environmentally responsible.

GreenStep’s team of award-winning energy experts and green business professionals offers the Green Tourism certification program, energy assessments, waste audits and the newly launched ecobase Certified program, which helps businesses generate thousands of dollars in new revenue each year, to invest into energy saving, carbon reduction projects. They help all kinds of businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprints through web-based software and by delivering the world’s largest third party sustainability certification program for tourism businesses: GreenTourism.

Leverage Lab

Collaboration Facilitator

The Leverage Lab, a programme of Future Strategies, evolved out of a series of programs designed to serve the business community to be better at working together for collective impact. It works with same sector businesses to help them leverage opportunities for growth, sustainable cost savings, and partnerships to develop uncommon solutions to common problems. There is growing recognition that addressing complex sustainability challenges require not only collaboration but also new ways of working together. Leverage Labs' facilitation technology helps businesses realize their collective impact in order to tackle systemic challenges by learning to think, work, and innovate together differently.

Leverage Lab believes that businesses are the single most powerful forces for change and that if we come together with intention, we can have collective impact to our common systemic problems.


Climate Smart Business, Inc.

Environmental Impact Measurement and Monitoring

Climate Smart is a social enterprise that trains businesses and provides them with software tools to track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. By taking a close look at the energy they consume, the waste they produce, how they move goods and people around, Climate Smart’s client businesses often find ways to reduce their environmental impact while cutting costs or improving operational efficiencies. Because Climate Smart teaches (as opposed to doing the work for companies), businesses build up their internal capacity to manage carbon emissions. Through a combination of small-group training sessions, software, and one-on-one coaching, Climate Smart helps businesses help develop green job skills in their staff that will become increasingly relevant in the economy of the future.

Climate Smart's mission is to empower and enable organizations to reduce their emissions, strengthen their businesses, and take action on something they care about. They want to facilitate the move towards a more resilient and sustainable economy. Climate Smart also partners with local governments and other organizations to create novel relationships between public bodies and private enterprise. The program builds networks amongst governments and local businesses, catalyzing innovation and new business practices.

Conscious Brands

Activating businesses to be fit for the future

Conscious Brands is a firm that helps purpose-driven businesses be fit for the future. Since 2006, they have worked with leaders of the leaders including several B Corps such as Guayaki, Manitoba Harvest, Nature's Fare Markets, Fiddlehead Health and Nutrition and more. They support companies to become more conscious and discerning about their interconnected impact on individuals, teams, organizations, communities, society and the biosphere. These projects increase loyalty of employees and consumers, further strengthen brand/reputation and continue to make strong ROI (using business as a force for good).

Conscious Brands also hosts a successful collaborative leadership development program called Spiral Table. This program brings leaders together in a format where they can be vulnerable as a person and as a business so as to consciously grow as a leader and a business. The program is accountability-based and in its 8th year.