Transportation & Logistics

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Novex Delivery Solutions

Postal & courier activities

Novex has been servicing the Vancouver's same-day delivery needs for over 30 years.  Novex is one of the largest local same-day courier and freight providers in Vancouver making over 1800 deliveries per day with nearly 100 delivery vehicles. The Novex team is comprised of an experienced team of dispatchers, customer service representatives and drivers that operates a diverse fleet of vehicles. They have integrated sustainable business practices into their organization throughout every level: from drivers, to office staff and management. They have a number of environmental programs and initiatives that drives their commitment in becoming a leader in the industry.

Novex’s Clean Fleet Program is their most ambitious program. Their goal is to have 100% of their fleet to be “clean”; vehicles those are rated as ultra-low emission or better.  With their Clean Fleet they are able to save approximately 88 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year or, in other words. However, they also felt that they needed to address their environmental impact in more immediate terms with the use of carbon offsets. Since being carbon neutral, they have reduced their carbon footprint by 43%.


BluPlanet Recycling Inc.

Multi-family residential and commercial recycling collection service provider

BluPlanet Recycling Inc. is a multi-family residential and commercial recycling collection service provider. BluPlanet has proven to be the first choice in both quality and value of service for recycling collection companies in Calgary. Their co-mingled recycling services are a unique offering that allows them to work with their clients in achieving maximum waste diversion. Their goal is to be none other than the very best recycling service provider in Canada for their service standards and corporate conduct.